God: The Love of the Father

This week’s post is by Sophie who proofreads my blog. Shout out to her!!! Do enjoy and share:

The Lord is mighty and wonderful in His ways 

In The way in which He orchestrates a series of events.

He is perfect in His timing

Never too late and always on time

I have learnt that it is when we find rest in Him that life begins to make sense in the chaos 

It’s such a privilege to know that We have a loving Father who is ever so gracious and merciful

He looks out for His own 

Allows us to experience the pain of life 

But yet causes something beautiful to come out, life anew

For when He has tried us, we will come forth as gold!

So in the pain, in the happiness 

I have joy because the joy of The Lord is my strength 

I take comfort in knowing that He will never leave me nor forsake me

I take my pride in Him 

Allowing His love to pierce through my soul

I honour Him 

Allowing Him to captivate me with His wondrous works

In all things, I surrender all 

With my arms wide open 

No fear, No doubt 

Nothing but trust!


Poem: Man in the mirror

I woke up today like any other day

While rolling around in my head

It distinctly occurred to me that I was a hypocrite

A hypocrite

For everything I was meant to do that I didn’t

A hypocrite

For every time I chose the wrong option just for its ease or pleasure

A hypocrite

For every time I was Idle when I had so much work to do

A hypocrite

For everything I was blessed with that I wasted or invested in sin

A hypocrite

For every favour I did selfishly


A hypocrite

Like all those who asked me for honest advice and yet chose the other option

Who was I to be mad at them for wasting my time?

Why would they do the right thing when the person offering advice is a victim too?

Even if they were better for it, would it help me? Encourage me?

There is always an easy way out, why is it usually the wrong one?

How easy is it to take the right way when the wrong way is easier?

In this day and age where kids are brought up in a world that gets easier by the day,

Why would anyone be behind the times and try to do otherwise?

Easier not to care

Easier not to love

Easier cos there are always options

Move with the times, moves with the times, move with the times I say!

But it’s getting harder as well.

Am I the only one who sees this?

Is not it getting harder?

To breathe with all that pollution?

To see in person when they’re just a ping away?

To relish the warmth of touch when a bed is just a walk away?

To sit and talk when work’s piled up for days?

To tell the truth when the lie seems the democratic way?

To find what we need under all this information overlay?


But change is the only constant thing

Think again! Truth is constant!

There used to be a time when all knew the truth

We didn’t have to speak it cos we lived it

Now we find it near impossible to speak about it

Simply cos we killed it! WE ALL killed it!

Who will convict us? Our conscience?

Our conscience is its only witness to its own murder!

Without a guide, how do we know where we are heading?

Like sailors at sea slowly sailing towards sirens

What is virtue?

Patience is for fools!

Be fast and furious!

Be raw and rugged!

Be giddy and greedy!

Be wily and witty!

Now its truth against tolerance

Respect against liberty

Patience against ambition

Integrity against impression

Semantics against redefinition

Can’t beat them?

Join them?

Can’t always win?

Pick your own strengths and your own weaknesses

Pick what you win at and what you will sacrifice?

Pick your sins?

Pick your scenes?

Is there equilibrium between reward and consequence?

Do we always lose some when we win some?

Opportunity cost you say?

But it can’t be that way!

We always get away with it!

Burned liver, overwhelming spleen

Deteriorating economy, withering skin

Ghost like soul, narcissistic whim


Me, myself and I, the counterfeit’s triangle

The lies me hides from I,

The hate I hide(s) from myself,

The lack of faith myself has in me

The synthesis of our hypocrisy

How To Play Pretend

Hello! Today’s post is courtesy of Busola Taiwo again! Her previous post can be found here. Do follow this blog and comment. Thanks

When you’re alone, talk to your friends
Pretend they’re always there
And you can change those conversations
that you wish you’d never had
You can pretend they’re listening-
even though they never did
Pretend they never put you down
or made you feel out of place

You can rewrite the times
pretend you just dropped out of space
and all the people who hurt you
simply didn’t exist
Why not?
Where’s the harm?
Maybe you talk to yourself
a little loudly now
But really, what’s the harm?

While having these conversations though,
you may
accidentally let out a giggle
then have to consciously pretend you were
singing , or just coughing

Because you don’t have
these conversations
in private anymore
you talk to your friends all the time
Dont worry about such paltry things
as your current location
So what if people glance at you oddly?
Pretend that THEY’re the weird ones

Pretend the people that you loved
never really left pretend they’ve just been busy, or
pretend they were just ill
pretend that they’ll come back sometime
and you know all the answers
pretend you’ve figured it all out
pretend it doesnt matter

pretend that you’re surrounded by
these loving friends of yours
pretend that they were perfect and
you’re the one who’s flawed

pretend that you were busy and
that’s why you were forgotten
pretend that you can make new friends
and don’t really need THEM

pretend that you’ll see them someday
and give a gracious smile
pretend that you were never hurt
pretend you never cried

pretend you’ll be a success by then
pretend they’ll die of envy
pretend they’ll wish that they hadn’t
treated you so shabbily

When you go to sleep tonight
play this game just one more time
lie in bed and
tuck your arms like so
put your left arm around your chest
with your right arm on top

And pretend there’s someone there
that there’s someone hugging you
someone who really cares
someone who won’t pretend.

A Happy Place

Hello :D. This post is written by a guest @zukkarinzikuku. I particularly like it because its cheerful as compared to most of my glumly poems. Do share and enjoy. Your comments are most welcome. Kindly subscribe to/follow this blog if you haven’t already. Thanks.

I write of a happy place
Where rainbows shone wild
Golden was the colour of hay
All day was a joyous ride

Butterflies flood the garden
Making all hearts gladden
Birds singing in harmony
Chirps from the old mahogany

Dancing with much enthusiasm
To soothing waves of rhythm.
No problems, No cries, No reason
Times of joy with no treason

No kings, No rulers, No government
No rules, No lies, No unknown ailment
Time is still, No days, No night
Light is all that’s in sight.

True happiness is but from within
Search within, look hard, dig in
Wealth is nothing but frivolities
So be content with what was & what is

Don’t judge the nature of the present outcome
Cuz you are the stuff legends are made from
Your time will come & This too shall pass
Cuz real happiness is not out there its in your heart

Letting go…

In just that moment I didn’t care, I wanted to hurt you like you hurt me
When would it stop?
You apologise for the same things, the few times you do that is
Never stopping to see things from my point of view, how dare you?
The pride in your aura suffocates the air
Imagine the sun growing and melting the planets one by one, that’s the way my love for you burns away
How long till there is none left?
How great?
The heat that melts the sun
The cold that freezes hell over
Is that really possible?
Is it ever black and white?
Like the earth with only land or with water only?
So many little pricks, like acupuncture, only with all the pain that should come with it
They all sum up till I bend or you break
It’s tiring; I can’t keep fighting you for us
So I’m letting go…

I deserve to know, it’s only fair really
Telling me you forgot, making me look silly
It wasn’t you alone, sharing is caring
But now you don’t care so you refuse to share
The fact that it’s buried doesn’t mean its dead
If in daylight, it can be exhumed without fear
The skeletons in our cupboards we dread
Trust me, I can keep my composure during closure
Will I ever get to know?
Should I move on or wait for tomorrow?
Life is never fair
Live life to the fullest
Oh how we settle for less
Time is the road we can’t cross
But love came alive on the cross
Someone said life is a play we don’t get to rehearse
The cursor blinks still, waiting for the story to be finished
Questions still unanswered
So I ask to let go…

My conscience is clear, I tried my best
Can’t give you what I don’t have
But I give you what I want back
Sincere love the best way I know how
You’re only ready when I’m gone
Like a damaged womb with many children unborn
Or like a vampire who doesn’t wake to the sun
In Gulliver’s land who are the Lilliputians?
And so my actions go unnoticed
Little acts from a big heart
Isn’t that what matters?
But we are mere matter
In the end, nothing really matters
Our errors are enough
Past, present, future
A continuous cycle
Does it ever end?
Yet, we’re given one life to live
Goodbye to the past
The present is a present and I embrace it
The present is the past when the future is present
So I reach for the future and as for the past
I’m Letting go…


Hello friends! Here is another post from @Headbobba. Its something we all can relate too, myself included. Share and Enjoy! Your comments are welcomed.


Conquered in a race, competitors numerous

The prize, the trophy

Many vied for the acquisition of this crown jewel

I had faith, the substance of things hoped for,

But this treasure, it seems, has been spoken for

Amongst contenders, a victor arrives

Prince charming’s sword plunged, my heart divides

For I Can’t go down memory lane without hitting few bumps

Shaky and feverous like I am suffering from mumps

There she was, seated in front

Hair neatly plaited, well ironed shirt and waist coat on her pleated skirt,

Mystery and grace, her emanating aura

Scent, reminiscent of jasmine flowers

Pulchritude, beauty in its purest form,

She needed no make up

Dimples, dwelling on her cheeks,

With a smile only way to describe is attractive

Beautiful geek, acing with distinctions

Not to forget her idiosyncratic walk like a robot’s,

She never lacked attention, all guys solicited to be obsequious to her every demand,

But for this embodiment of virtues, none qualified

To be literal, with her being wife material,

I would say she measures several yards

Was I too slow? Did I ignore the signs when my chances had started to wane?

Did we lose the race to her ring finger because we missed the fast lane?

Perhaps it’s just fate. Your heart chose who it wants

I wish you happiness in this divine union

And to the groom, congratulations,

Jubilate for you have obtained fantastic favour

But don’t get complacent,

Respect her, honour her, pamper her

Spoil her for she’s yours to be spoilt

Treat her like your queen that she is, all her fears you destroy

Even when she forgets, remind her how beautiful she is

And never forget to tell her how your life has been coloured by her blessings

Never make the mistake of losing this blessing

For several, are ready to pick up the baton, wherever you drop it.


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My Rose

Hello, I have here a poem written by a friend, @Headbobba . Your comments would be gladly received. Enjoy, share and have a great week ahead.


Time has elapsed since we’ve last seen

I’m not sure how fair the seasons have been

But I know age has done you well

Though, I cannot disprove if the years were not hell

For just like old wine, you have gotten better with time

Thorough with twines, rewarded with succulent grape vines

I wish I could express the true splendor

In all of its magnitude my eyes set upon

Such a beautiful being

Never seen eyes so ravishing

Lips so stunning,

When you smile, shine brighter than the fiercest of the sun’s beams

Bedazzling, even your adornments herald

For the picture perfect height, comely bust, impeccable appearance

My lady, are you not the epitome of grace?

Many stars in the universe, yet none can match the elegance you display

You are a star, you are my star

I pray we constellate, create the envy of the sky


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