Poem: Man in the mirror

I woke up today like any other day

While rolling around in my head

It distinctly occurred to me that I was a hypocrite

A hypocrite

For everything I was meant to do that I didn’t

A hypocrite

For every time I chose the wrong option just for its ease or pleasure

A hypocrite

For every time I was Idle when I had so much work to do

A hypocrite

For everything I was blessed with that I wasted or invested in sin

A hypocrite

For every favour I did selfishly


A hypocrite

Like all those who asked me for honest advice and yet chose the other option

Who was I to be mad at them for wasting my time?

Why would they do the right thing when the person offering advice is a victim too?

Even if they were better for it, would it help me? Encourage me?

There is always an easy way out, why is it usually the wrong one?

How easy is it to take the right way when the wrong way is easier?

In this day and age where kids are brought up in a world that gets easier by the day,

Why would anyone be behind the times and try to do otherwise?

Easier not to care

Easier not to love

Easier cos there are always options

Move with the times, moves with the times, move with the times I say!

But it’s getting harder as well.

Am I the only one who sees this?

Is not it getting harder?

To breathe with all that pollution?

To see in person when they’re just a ping away?

To relish the warmth of touch when a bed is just a walk away?

To sit and talk when work’s piled up for days?

To tell the truth when the lie seems the democratic way?

To find what we need under all this information overlay?


But change is the only constant thing

Think again! Truth is constant!

There used to be a time when all knew the truth

We didn’t have to speak it cos we lived it

Now we find it near impossible to speak about it

Simply cos we killed it! WE ALL killed it!

Who will convict us? Our conscience?

Our conscience is its only witness to its own murder!

Without a guide, how do we know where we are heading?

Like sailors at sea slowly sailing towards sirens

What is virtue?

Patience is for fools!

Be fast and furious!

Be raw and rugged!

Be giddy and greedy!

Be wily and witty!

Now its truth against tolerance

Respect against liberty

Patience against ambition

Integrity against impression

Semantics against redefinition

Can’t beat them?

Join them?

Can’t always win?

Pick your own strengths and your own weaknesses

Pick what you win at and what you will sacrifice?

Pick your sins?

Pick your scenes?

Is there equilibrium between reward and consequence?

Do we always lose some when we win some?

Opportunity cost you say?

But it can’t be that way!

We always get away with it!

Burned liver, overwhelming spleen

Deteriorating economy, withering skin

Ghost like soul, narcissistic whim


Me, myself and I, the counterfeit’s triangle

The lies me hides from I,

The hate I hide(s) from myself,

The lack of faith myself has in me

The synthesis of our hypocrisy


How to Pronounce Judgement

I happen to remember my last blog post and the hint of contradiction contained in it and I don’t know how, but my mind went to “A walk to remember”. Remember that movie? Skip all the mushiness and get to the part when he helped her achieve that part of her bucket list by taking her to the border and making her straddle the state line in a way that she was in two places at the same time. I really wonder how she thought she would achieve it before placing it on her list.


A lot of times it’s easy to forget we are in two places at the same time before we declare war and send missiles to the other party where our other self happens to be as well. Hence we desist from pointing fingers after being burnt by such scenarios. We might amend our statement or change it altogether to accommodate our denial when we are caught breaking our own rules.


Thereafter we sometimes learn to mind our business, not judge people and only tell people our own views on matters so it won’t seem as if we were referring to anyone else. That then leaves us in situations where we’d keep quiet and watch people around getting hurt or harming themselves and we won’t voice our concerns because we don’t want them to feel judged.


Is this healthy though?


The fact is that we all judge, every moment of the day and everything that comes our way. So how do we judge without being condemnatory?


It’s simple, hold on to your opinion and respect that of others!


The error made is when we go further to pronounce judgement on a person who acted outside the borders of our opinion.


For example, “Oh she’s pregnant, that’s the end for her”. While it is true she might find certain things difficult to do while taking care of her child at the same time, it does not mean she would not go on to achieve those things still. The error is in predicting a negative outcome as opposed to professing a positive solution in light of the mistake she has made.


Click Here for a brief example 


Who are you kidding if you say you won’t judge people and/or situations? What difference does it make if you have possibly better opinions but don’t speak them? Who are you deceiving when your pastor does some things you really can’t wrap your head around even on a spiritual level but yet you hold on to the common saying “…touch not mine anointed, do my prophets no harm”? Since when does asking for clarification become a sin?


Day in, day out we observe a lot of things and opinions are formed, sustained or modified, and the only way to change things is to strive to express these opinions in a way it would bring about a positive change. So do go ahead and judge and if you come up with something negative, find the positive to it before you speak. There are however some situations where trying to be positive may not suffice or perhaps may not be possible. If this is so, mentioning things such as “we can get through this together” may go a long way. Also if it tends to be a point of contradiction for you, do add that you are a “victim” of it yourself, so it doesn’t come back to haunt you!


Man has always had the urge to look up to someone and he always has, but to every rule there is an exception and atheists have always been. But in recent years, God seems to be on the decline as some people request He is “kept out” of public occasions. The church population seems to be reducing worldwide and only few of those in the church still experience true fellowship.

So what has the focus of man’s urge turned to?

Man! Man believes he is god.

Well not always himself, as certain organisations believe, but he believes in other men that have done significant things and those “other men” themselves believe they are gods based on the things they have been able to achieve and through those that believe in them. Why share the praise and glory with someone who hasn’t been proven, who doesn’t exist, who never speaks back, and who didn’t actually do the work, which is a creation of men to keep other men in line?

These humans are on top of the world as defined by their achievement, influence, wealth, character and all the good things of life. They are the envy of those who wish to be in their shoes, the idols of those who worship them, the mentors of those fortunate to be chosen by them and thus we assign to them some of the characteristics of God, one of which is perfection.

But that’s just it. We expect perfection of them but yet we can’t wait to see their human side. One moment, Jay Z is the man, the next Solange attacked him and we want to see trouble in paradise. We even have stations like E! Entertainment dedicated to the lives of these people, both the good and the bad. They discuss bizarre facts about them. How they live, what they wear and eat, what they drive and other mundane habits.

It’s one of man’s many contradictions when he lifts up a man just so he could wait eagerly to watch him fall. It’s a continuous circle and there is never a dull moment. We enjoy watching the come up, are cheering fans at times of crisis as long as we still like them and we enjoy the mess that’s made when they come tumbling down uncontrollably.

We always win don’t we? But who suffers?

They say it’s easier to pull a man down than for him to pull you up. It’s the same way a man who molests his daughter can point fingers at Michael Jackson’s child molestation case, the same way drunks can point at popular alcoholics, and same way cheats point at cheating footballers and so on.


But it’s funny because all it takes is for you to gain some sort of popularity and then your life gets put under the microscope for all to see. So I wonder why we point one finger towards the gods we made when three fingers point back to us. Why can’t we face ours and leave them to live their lives? Why can’t our fanaticism stop on the field or on the stage or on the pulpit or on the platforms? Why do we pursue after people who just want some privacy when not working? Why do we clean out their closets for them?

Please share own thoughts on this contradictory topic.

How To Play Pretend

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When you’re alone, talk to your friends
Pretend they’re always there
And you can change those conversations
that you wish you’d never had
You can pretend they’re listening-
even though they never did
Pretend they never put you down
or made you feel out of place

You can rewrite the times
pretend you just dropped out of space
and all the people who hurt you
simply didn’t exist
Why not?
Where’s the harm?
Maybe you talk to yourself
a little loudly now
But really, what’s the harm?

While having these conversations though,
you may
accidentally let out a giggle
then have to consciously pretend you were
singing , or just coughing

Because you don’t have
these conversations
in private anymore
you talk to your friends all the time
Dont worry about such paltry things
as your current location
So what if people glance at you oddly?
Pretend that THEY’re the weird ones

Pretend the people that you loved
never really left pretend they’ve just been busy, or
pretend they were just ill
pretend that they’ll come back sometime
and you know all the answers
pretend you’ve figured it all out
pretend it doesnt matter

pretend that you’re surrounded by
these loving friends of yours
pretend that they were perfect and
you’re the one who’s flawed

pretend that you were busy and
that’s why you were forgotten
pretend that you can make new friends
and don’t really need THEM

pretend that you’ll see them someday
and give a gracious smile
pretend that you were never hurt
pretend you never cried

pretend you’ll be a success by then
pretend they’ll die of envy
pretend they’ll wish that they hadn’t
treated you so shabbily

When you go to sleep tonight
play this game just one more time
lie in bed and
tuck your arms like so
put your left arm around your chest
with your right arm on top

And pretend there’s someone there
that there’s someone hugging you
someone who really cares
someone who won’t pretend.

How far will you go?

A friend shared this on facebook and it seemed appropriate to share as it relates to this topic.

“I recall dad telling me about a man in my neighbourhood who became popular for engaging in money rituals just to buy the 80’s edition of the Honda Prelude. You wouldn’t buy that car for 50k today. Some other guy brutally murdered his brother, (whom their father gave cash to travel for the purpose of re-stocking their warehouse) just because he wanted 2 acquire the rave of the moment Pathfinder jeep. That same vehicle is now better described as a coffin. I remember as a kid, my whole street converged to watch a truck deliver a very large satellite dish to my neighbour’s house. Today a dish one tenth that size delivers 5 times the value and is in almost every student’s hostel room. What about the Volkswagen Santana, Mercedes Benz V boot, 505 Evolution, Toyota Crown, all overtaken by latest models of Camry, Honda, Bugatti, Bentley, X6, Acura and Infinity? …. Vanity. Some ladies left their true loves because some rich guy then persuaded them with a Daewoo Racer, which turned out to be the only car they ever owned till today, while enduring the most terrible marriage life. They found out, albeit too late that true love is invaluable, that intangibles are to be cherished over tangibles. A friend declared drinks because he launched the Nokia Communicator for over hundred grand in 2002. Today that phone would embarrass the owner and is a joke compared to the low cost and everyday phone. What about d MTN sim card that many people went extra miles before they bought for over 30k? Today you will not buy it at N100 because all networks are begging people to even take it for free. People are still making the most horrific sacrifices over ‘vanity’ and make enemies over worthless material things. What can I say? Look back at that one thing you want to kill or die for today and see what becomes of it tomorrow. There is absolutely nothing you can’t achieve, all u need is a little time and patience and you will thank God without regrets.”

Really is amusing how far people would go to get what they want and it also is extremely amusing how far people would run from what they need. So what do you want and what do you need? That’s a question I have struggled to implement over the years. I remember hearing a sermon of T.D. Jake’s where admitted he had issues and that one of the things that discourages Christians is when their leaders act perfect. This makes them feel like they would never get to that level of ‘perfection’. There are those issues a lot of us believe we can’t defeat and as such we decide consciously or unconsciously to live with them. They keep us stagnant, we don’t grow past them. They are the big issues that keep us from noticing the small ones. Oh yes, if you don’t get rid of the big issues, you would find it hard finding or paying attention to the lesser ones. It’s only after victory over the big issues that we’d notice the numerous lesser ones that are huge when looked at collectively. Now don’t get it twisted, I know I write mostly from an idealistic point of view, but Darola has got his own issues as well. I’m working on them, I’m far from perfect believe me, but as my favourite motto goes “The pursuit of perfect” (Lexus). As T.D. Jakes said we all have our contradictions.

My point simply is how far would you go to get what you want? But would overlook and learn to live with the things you need to get over. There is only one perfect being, God and He is at the end of our ‘pursuit of perfection’. How far would you go to get that A grade you want? Or that girl you love? Or those clothes you crave for? Or that healing you need? Or that contract you want? To get that contract you would invest your time, thoughts and money. For that girl you’d go all the way with all you’ve got and even make a fool of yourself. We often talk about how creative and smart Nigerians can be when they want to get bad things done and yet we hardly channel it into the things that would benefit us all. If you want something lasting, as long as eternity, something that wouldn’t be outdated in a couple of years, something that you need, then you’ve got to give it all the time, attention and sacrifice it deserves.

1 Cor 2:14-16

14But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. 15But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. 16For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

John 4:23-24

But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 24God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

To get to that level of spirituality that we all need, we need to dedicate time. It’s like a business, you can’t get what you don’t give.

Side note: I just want to thank God for adding a year to my life. I’m grateful. 🙂


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The red pill or the blue pill?

So its 12.55am and I just finished watching Machine Gun Preacher, a 2011 movie based on the civil war that occurred in Northern Uganda and South Sudan; starring Gerard Butler as Sam Childers.

The synopsis: Sam met Jesus through his wife after leaving jail and progressed to Africa by first helping out in their construction work and eventually building an orphanage there. In the process of building the orphanage, he had to fight to defend its cause ultimately saving the lives of several hundred children. In this fight alongside some many soldiers, guns were used as a necessity to protect the children. It truly is a wonderful story of selflessness especially the sacrifices that he and his family made, something that’s rare to come by.

In his struggle to do more, Sam let go of his business, almost lost his family, lost friends and more. There is a certain part that appealed to me. He needed $5,000 to run the orphanage for 6 months and so he approached a friend of his who told him the times were hard but vowed to see what he could do and invited him and his family to a “little barbeque” at his house. A while after getting there and meeting people, his friend called him aside and handed him a small white envelope, the scene changed to him storming out of the house. Apparently, his friend who lived in a “Taj Mahal” had given $150, an amount he reckons is less than what he spent on the salsa for the party he was having. At this point you must be wondering where I’m driving at, I would get to it shortly, but first let me refresh your memory a bit.


Sometime in January, 2012, we had a nationwide protest. Now on twitter, where I assume most people are at least from a middle class, educated background, there were debates about the cause, choices and consequences of the issue at hand. There were people saying the increase in the fuel price was alright if there would be significant change in other aspects of the country’s affairs. Now there are two things wrong with that point of view. Firstly, in a country whose culture it is for our leaders to make promises and not deliver I assumed educated people would know better than to fall for the same trick, if they could fall for it, what hope do the uneducated folk have? Whatever happened to letting action speak louder than words?

Secondly and more importantly, the part they obviously didn’t bother to consider is of those in the lower class, which consist a majority of the population. These lower class folk had it hard already as it were. Most of them lacked education, healthcare and the basic necessities that every country should provide. So what if a middle class person can afford an increase in the price of fuel? Does he bother about those who can’t? Does he bother that it would drown those struggling to stay afloat as it were?

That’s my point. It’s easy to say Sam’s friend doesn’t care about Africa and the lives of those innocent children that are made to go through the torments of war. I mean put yourself in his shoes, fancy house, lovely family, profitable business, safety and security, but what about us? We Nigerians, the middle class and the upper class that don’t care about the lower class because they don’t really matter, I mean who looks down when all they want is to climb to the top of the ladder? We are so comfortable in the south that we are not so bothered about the crisis in the north. When it was the militants in the oil-rich areas, we that were not around that area didn’t bother as much as we should have.

I personally believe that its only God’s mercy that’s keeping this country together. I mean have you seen how much better the countries that were part of the Arab Spring are? And yet they still had a reason to fight. Even their reasons aren’t as strong as ours if we did decide to fight, I mean Nigeria should be a global epitome of tolerance. Yet those of us who have electricity, water, internet, education, other amenities and a voice take them for granted, forgetting that in an instant Nigeria could end up like any of the other African countries where children are made to kill their own families and become soldiers, contributing to the torture, rape, sex slavery, ritualized killings that are common in those types of scenarios. What would happen to that car you are slaving to buy or that girl that’s occupying your thoughts or that dream job you’d do anything for?

If nude pictures or gossip is written about, we’d race to feed our thirst, but if it’s something conscious or for the greater good, we are less concerned because we believe it’s someone else’s job or that it doesn’t and can’t affect us. Well it can and no, we wouldn’t be able to depend on the world to save us, we’d have to fix it ourselves and whether or not they do help us, there would be a great loss all the same. I recently read a veteran’s opinion on the cause of Nigeria’s problem and he couldn’t particularly point it out but did say he felt it started after military governance and the civil war. Considering the fact that we really haven’t recovered from the effect of both events, its apparent a repeat of either or both of them would do greater harm than it did in the past.

I knew having a conscious and intellectual blog wasn’t the way to get a great fan base but that’s not what darolasinsight is about, there are a variety of music and storytelling blogs to wet our appetites all day long. I’m here to plant my thoughts as seeds in your mind hoping you’d grow them consciously and unconsciously through further thought and more importantly, action. No apologies if I bore you, but this our “secure world” we have built around us could be gone in a second if we don’t try our best to set it on the proper foundation our fathers didn’t build it on. It’s like we are stuck in the matrix but we need to know that the fact that we have taken our illusion as our reality doesn’t mean our reality has now become an illusion.


Ergo, you have your role to play, there is enough wrong in the society to keep us all busy. We might not believe it would affect us, but all we are distracting ourselves with would carry no weight if we woke up to a war. Sam Childers gave up most of himself to come down here and fight a fight that wasn’t his, are we fighting our own fight?


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Nigerian’s Leprechaun

From an Arian to a Capricorn

The ram sheds its wool and straightens its horns

Deeming itself wise now that it has beards

Now under him are his elders reared

Once an ignorant sheep, now an obtrusive goat

Listening with deaf ears only to roar when it gloats

The goat that thinks itself a lion

Forgetting he isn’t the ruler of Zion

Residing in a rock he reckons his Olympus

Unassailable he thinks himself, and thus

He takes his place at the top of the food chain

The deviant, eating meat to nature’s disdain

Finally a leprechaun, finding hidden treasure to gorge

The rationale to his rule he resolutely refuses to disgorge

Truly a cretin as he assumes his rule his birthright

Forgetting he’d give account when the time’s right


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