Learning about forgiveness.

I have never quite reblogged a post but I like this one, so…

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My P.O.V

As one gets older, one realises that life is more than meets the eyes. You witness firsthand, the cruelty of human beings (just turn on the news), the regrets and repercussions of the mistakes of your youth and the hurt of having friends you loved and trusted turn against you for unexplainable reasons.

Before these things happen, you are warned about them by your parents, older and more experienced people around you and even the bible. You think to yourself… oh I’ll be fine, I’ll never do this or this could never happen to me even sometimes this can’t possibly happen (people can’t be that bad). But hey… Welcome to life as we know it.

Fast track to years later… Like me, You’ve experienced one or all of these and you’re in shock and you’re basically trying to crawl out of the depression this awakening stage brings… by now, you’ve…

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