Here’s your proof

Do you believe in a higher being? Yes? No? Undecided? I totally get you. As I stated in a preceding post, Here’s your sign, the basis of Christianity is on faith which in itself isn’t a logical thing. So logically, any approach to it from the point of logic is illogical in itself. A while back, in a discussion with a friend on some tough recruitment questions from some of the world’s biggest firms, the question ‘Do you believe in a higher power?’ came up. Playing on the pun ‘higher power’, I applied mathematics to it and without a definite end in mind I ended up answering him.

What’s 2^2?

The answer is 4 right?


What’s 4^3?

64 right?


Now what’s ∞^∞?


I’m all ears?

Did I hear you say ∞?


Did I hear you say ∞^∞?


I want a numerical solution as in the earlier questions.

Any answers?

No uh? 😦

I thought so.

Life is beautiful in that at times the answer we seek is staring us right in the face and yet we are blinded to them.

The answer is that God is infinite.


And so is His love.


Just as we can never put a numerical value to ∞ or ∞^∞ as they are both indefinite terms, we can never truly put a definition to God. We refer to ourselves as the one, four times a lady, the cat with nine lives and so on, but who really can plainly state an aspect of their lives that is infinite without it being limited by time, space and resources? If we as humans are numbers with absolute values it would be plausible to take it that God is quantifiable to ∞. Why would we believe that infinity is allowed in mathematics only but can’t be applied to other aspects of knowledge? I believe this is an applicable theory in explaining the relationship between God and humans. Agree? Disagree? Do let me know. 🙂


Brown Eyed Honey

A sweet smile to make my day

Sparkling eyes that dare me to dream

Silky touch that reminds me you are real

Words that make me laugh

The simple things…

I believe in you and I believe you can do anything

Success is yours and the best is what you deserve…

No anxiety, just anticipation…

No fear, just faith…

No glum, just great…

The feeling of my ear to your back and hearing your heart beat

Knowing I’m one of the reasons it beats continuously…

Hello, hazel eyes, hazy voice

 Brown Eyed Honey

Brown eyes

Brown sugar, as D’Angelo sings

The sweetest type…

Sweet smell

Intoxicating taste, Oh

Your sweet smell

And intoxicating taste


Taste of your lips

While looking into your eyes, deep


Yes, into the depth of your soul

I want to see your soul

The beauty and the imperfection of it

A fabric of friendship and of love let us knit

To keep us warm at night


Yes, when you set my heart on fire

The fire I need to forge my shining armor


Yes, for my princess at the top of the castle

Nothing or no one good comes easy…

Customers Care

A friend once told me of his friend who looked at a SIM card for 5 minutes then proceeded to destroying it! I laughed and wondered how often this occurs, I would love statistics on this -_-. Really makes me laugh every time a network announces its ACTIVE users because I can only imagine how many activated lines get destroyed or abandoned. But really I ponder more on why the rest of us active lines are still active. It all boils down to the age old saying, the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. Even when you do switch to another network and it serves you better, you discover a flaw in another aspect where your previous network was performing. Hence majority of us end up with several SIM cards. I myself have three of them, >_>, all for different reasons. Don’t ask!

The bane really is when there is a problem, the type that would require the network’s attention. Ever tried alerting a policeman to a robbery involving ammunition and seen him run before you finish your sentence? Or have you witnessed a situation where the notorious playboy gives up chasing a certain girl who’s said to be as stiff as a statue or rumoured to be a lesbian? You have? Well, that’s the scenario here. Where do I start?…

First are the voice prompts that require you to enter the appropriate digits. This usually isn’t straight forward and could be annoying and repetitive if you don’t call them regularly.

Secondly, there is the waiting period which could be infinite. They keep you “engaged” with adverts and/or songs which are in a loop. The kind of loop you don’t even put on your favourite new or evergreen song. In time, you learn the words of the adverts and it drives you nuts and just when you think it can’t get any worse, you realise you know the order and can accurately predict the next advert. Then IF you have the patience to stay on, you get cut off after an hour. How annoying is that? Thank God for earphones and if those aren’t available, then there is the speaker phone but then you still have to pay full attention to your phone for that moment when someone says hello because if you miss it, it’s back to square one.

A very recent occurrence was when a friend’s SIM stopped working and after two or more days of calling she finally got to an operator who said her SIM was damaged, in her phone! Bottom-line is she had to get a new SIM and swap it and it was back on in about 6 hours. Why didn’t the first operator say that the first time instead of making her wait a few days?

A slight detour, I recall a certain bank where I had to stand in line before I was attended to and each time I was given directions and returned to complete the resolution, I’d have to stand in line again! I was directed to do two or three different things and had to join the line all the way at the back about three times. The icing on the cake was when I reached the front of the line the last time only to realise I was done and had spent five minutes or more on a line I had no business being on. I had to give it to them, time is money yo!

My solution is that if networks actually do their jobs well and run their processes accurately, then that would reduce the pressure on the customer care lines. How many people have the time to visit service centres especially in a busy city such as Lagos?

“Customers care” as I see it is a situation where a customer cares enough, for whatever reason there might be, to take their precious time to call their network on an issue that might have been easily avoided and to be patient enough to get through to a customer care agent and risk the high possibility of being told “ballz” as opposed to just tossing their SIM. How else do you explain finally getting through just to be cut off after 12 seconds on the line? Granted some networks operate a method where it’s only the caller that can cut the line, but then what happens when the customer care agent cuts the call before the issue is resolved? It’s a sticky one really because these operators might have developed a bad attitude over time due to rude and aggressive callers or maybe extended the bad day they were having to the customer. A cheerful and helpful attitude would help a great deal, but with the fact that most people pick jobs out of necessity that would only occur if one were lucky.

Whatever happened to the business archetype which demands that the customer is King? Do you really feel like a King when it comes to service provision? Or do you just feel blackmailed considering you have no option since the pot, pan and kettle are all black? Please share your experiences. Thanks

Act now or wait till they are at your doorstep

This morning my brother sent me a link:

I was sad; because this is the umpteenth time the president had made a statement that made me ask “Is this the sort of mentality Nigeria needs at this time from its leader?”

“Is this the type of mentality that would lead a conclusive effort against the accurate and effective organisation of boko haram?”

I did mention in my note, the red pill or the blue pill, that if we keep ignoring it and acting like it doesn’t concern us they would make their way down south and a friend happened to send me this just this morning:

Why do we let our comfort, freedom and seeming safety dumb us down as we underestimate the very thing that will take away those very things we hold so dearly?

Do we really need them to attack and cause grieving families here in the south before we act? Do we as collective Nigerians not feel the pain and loss of several families in the last 5 years?

5 years!!!

Yes it’s been 5 sad years and we still haven’t learnt, we still haven’t washed our eyes clean to see all the blood and tears that’s been flowing. We still don’t know the severity, wickedness and future implications of the past and present happenings in this country.

One of our problems in this country is that we run from our grim history which we should have learnt from and don’t bother about the future which we think our “hope” will sort out. E go better! Yimz! Sure, the present is a present but what happens when all that chocolate leaves no teeth left to eat with tomorrow? Our spur of the moment decision making without a consideration for the apparent consequences is what has brought us so far!

So you are learned right? Have had some form of education right? So why don’t you learn? Your job, phone, car and “life” would be “over” if places in the south started going up in flames!

You are smart right? So what’s the solution?

From a broad perspective we have two options, we separate from the north so the “new owners” can do what they want with it, which is unlikely or we fight for Nigeria which was foisted on us from the start. The unlikely combination of the parts that make up Nigeria along with our reluctance to address the errors in our history is STILL the foundation of this problem.

From all indications our leadership and military, those who readily oppress civilians, are not going to help us out here. They just will help our taxes get spent and protect their own families. What else would people who oppress those who pay for their lively hood do? Unlike the police and military in some foreign countries that are educated enough to know when not to choose between the leaders they are sworn to and the people they have sworn to protect, our security agencies are sworn to themselves.

What if it isn’t just political? What if after the elections the activities continue? What then? It does look like the crescendo we all expect to precede a calm. But it’s been 5 years and it seems to be moving up, what’s the assurance there would be calm after? The fact is we are shrouded in ignorance and we aren’t doing anything to reduce that. No wonder it is said that ignorance is bliss.

So what solution do you propose and what would be the form of cohesion? Or would you rather live your life of comfort till they are at your doorstep?

Kindly share your thoughts and this post as well. Thanks.