She has to grow some balls

I wake up Friday morning to a message from my brother. The president had relinquished his ill-advised resolution to rename the University of Lagos. The elating news made my day instantaneously. It had been nearly a year since he made that pontificating pronouncement. Whew!!!

Variety is the spice of life and as a Nigerian it is envisaged this would taste sour in some mouths while others would feel indifferent. These arrays of individuals are mostly sentimental people while others I believe mostly haven’t captured the big picture. Why am I in a state of euphoria? I’d try to make my points concise. I’m convinced there are two ideal ways to honour or immortalise the late M.K.O.

Firstly, justice must be served in his killing and that of his wife, Kudirat. The justice system is yet to bring a definitive end to the cases surrounding these murders. His death has been claimed for years to be as result of his battle for democracy. With nearly 14 years of democracy why hasn’t his assailants and that of his wife been brought to book? Now that’s honouring his memory. Secondly, as he is said to be a martyr of democracy, why doesn’t it feel like we are in one? Practicing democracy, isn’t that the best way to give accolades to his efforts? Those are the only genuine ways we can reverence his legacy, every other gesture is secondary and invalid until these prerequisites have been executed.


Accessory to the above points is his timing. For a man who seems imperceptive to his electorates the most affronting thing was to make such an announcement during the university’s mourning period for their late vice chancellor. Amongst the arguments, the constant statements that surfaced were “Isn’t Abiola’s legacy enough to warrant the name change?”, “The students don’t know what Abiola did for the country”, “Isn’t Unilag just a name?” and “Don’t these students have books to read” and so on. Sentiments! All sentiments I tell you. When people make statements like that, I mentally imagine them in a wheelchair. Spineless! If their minds functioned at all, educated or not, they’d align all the facts pertinent to the circumstance before uttering their sentimental positions. The source of a problem is often the best place to start and not its consequence. What are the motives for the gesture? If the celebration of democracy is the aim, then why FORCE a decision on unwilling participants? Why use an established body as a foundation for a monument? Where is the creativity?

As someone on a news site commented “The name change doesn’t sound so bad until you wake up one day and realise your name has been changed, without your permission”.

In a country whose educational sector is lacking greatly, even the educated among us are flawed greatly in comparison with our foreign counterparts around the world. We can’t fight so much as it is obvious even our lecturer’s constant strikes don’t count for much in this country. As the “leaders of tomorrow”, if the current ones would ever vacate their positions, and as products of the society, why can’t the other members of our society have faith that our decisions are primarily intellectual as opposed to sentiments since they are the ones that work hard to send us to school? Do they believe our education is a waste of time? Why do they believe we should be STUDYING instead of PRACTICING the rights we have been educated on? When companies spend enormous amounts of money on their brands why can’t we indicate our displeasure at the aesthetically unpleasant name we had been given which would cost a lot to implement? When that amount of money could be used to pacify the lecturers and reduce the recurrent strikes?

The students and authority put their foot down and got things done right as regards the university, not much can be said for M.K.O’s legacy. I hope the broad learns from this. Pardon my French but that’s how any man who loves a beautiful, budding, brainy lady who is ignorant of her value, would react when he sees her whoring herself around. I quote Fela “If you call am woman, African woman no go gree, she go say I be lady o” and Lupe “B**** bad, woman good, lady better, they misunderstood”. This bad b**** needs to become a woman and then become a lady and the youth have given a good example. If you want something done well, you’ve got to do it yourself! If our leaders won’t make the right decisions, she’d have to grow some balls and make it herself, literarily speaking of course.

The above was to be posted yesterday, Saturday, but it wasn’t possible. Sunday morning and I glance at Saturday’s Punch newspaper and see on the front page “UNILAG REMAINS MAULAG – FG”. The Federal Ministry of Education refuted the reports. Just when I thought we had taken a step in the right direction. Oh well, the battle is still on and I pray we win! We need the motivation. Still, SHE has to grow some balls.


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It’s the type of post I’d have liked to put up but then it’s also good to know that I somehow inspired a part of it and that there are other people who think just as I do. So please take out the time to read this post by a friend, I’m sure you’d relate to it a lot:

 P1000576 resize

GRADUATION!!! Yes, after 5 demanding years in the university studying engineering, it’s finally over! ALL glory to God!!! You don’t feel the excitement do you? It’s alright, if only you’d give me 5 years of your life to walk you through it. Engineering is tough! Demanding! Stressful! Complex! And any other thing you’d like to add. As my lecturers often said, “A doctor could make an error and kill a patient, but when an engineer makes a mistake, it could cause the death of many more people”. Your buildings, bridges, boats, buses and nearly every other thing you depend on, depend on the engineer’s priority on safety and discipline in design.

There is still so much to learn, but it was beautiful seeing my mates and I take such a significant step in the right direction. Although we will be going our separate ways, we all were united for a time regardless of where we came from, thus leaving us with various experiences. It’s funny really, 5 years, 299 people and yet most of us are still strangers, such is life though. There would always be a few best friends, more good friends, a lot more friends and way more acquaintances.

The courses, the labs, the lecturers, the lectures, the sleepless nights, the results, the highs and lows, the new faces, the forgotten faces and the memories all seem so nostalgic. The irony is there seems to be lot I wish I could go back to do and at the same time there is so much to look forward to.

The exposure, not just the education was very valuable. It would be wonderful to see a Nigeria where education isn’t just more accessible but a lot better than it is now. Safe to say I am not the same person I was 5 years ago! It was good to celebrate with my family and good friends. Some are there at the start, some you meet along the way even if it’s a solitary journey, some near its end. Sorry if I’m pontificating but this is too good to not share. My best wishes to all those that graduated and to those still in school! Honestly I think I’d miss the people more than I would the lectures. What would you be missing about school?…


To the left of this blog is a “follow” button that allows you receive a notification by e-mail whenever I put up a post. Please do follow and share this post as well. You should please check other posts especially if this is your first visit. Thanks. :)