High Resolution

Foremost is my sincere apology to my dear readers for not posting on schedule. I have no excuse, just an explanation only because it’s some sort of public announcement. I have been preoccupied mentally and physically with getting my personal music studio and production kit together. I won’t bother you with the details but let’s just say 2013 is going to have some fresh sounds. If you don’t know already Darola raps and produces music as well and now that school is no longer stifling his creative side, he is dedicating this time to explore this creative side along with other gifted individuals. I do promise however that this wouldn’t disturb my commitment to this blog. So do keep your eyes and ears open in 2013.

Apropos the Mayan’s calendar, the fact that a calendar ends at a specific time doesn’t imply that the world would go with it, especially if you are a Christian that reads the Bible. But then the “2012” movie was awesome!!! This year for me was a good one. Even with the arduous final year that nearly took over my life completely, I’m consoled by the fact that school is done with and that I finished well. Sophie and I also got to start our blogs this year, so yeah no more posts on Facebook. My family is doing fine; I made new friends, reconnected with old ones as well and took some rewarding risks. God was faithful even when I wasn’t and that in itself is enough reason to look back thankfully with contentment.

It wasn’t all fun though, there were some really dark moments this year, the plane crash being the biggest instance of the many deaths that occurred. I know death isn’t a pleasant topic and so I remember it not for the distress it brings but in memory of all the ones that have been lost. It’s important to do so especially in this country of ours whose culture it is to forget promptly the things to be remembered the most. So how is 2013 going to be different? Do I hear a resolution? Hmmm, maybe you aren’t the type that believes in that. But really can you retrocede through 365 days and conclude there isn’t in the least one area in your life you wish you had done a lot better? We might not all be introspective but naturally towards the end of a period such as this we do have a recap of the year and there are points that come up we hope never to experience again, whether personally or collectively. You might say in earlier attempts you retrogressed in less than a week or in one month but then it’s only because you gave up too soon. Success is usually celebrated while the countless failures behind the success are kept in the shadows. All I’m saying is we should always try to be better and having a fresh start such as a new year sometimes gives us that needed motivation.


Ergo! Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance People!!! The following year could be what you want it to be. For those with trust issues, met a lot this year, I have two things to say. First learn to distinguish the trustworthy people around you, they are the people you should trust and also we all make mistakes, so know who to take back and who not to when people wrong you. If you don’t have a resolution, here is one: Never judge people from your own point of view, we are all different so take the pain to see it from the other person’s point of view even if it seems crazy, you just might understand them better. So as the world around you gets more high-tech, high-end, high-grade, high-speed, don’t forget your high resolution! It’s what would make sure you don’t just use a better phone or have a better job, but that more importantly you also become a better person. God bless.



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As you wake everyday

Tuesday 6th of December’s Page 21 in The Punch Newspaper has a column titled “Just before we crucify Sanusi”. Having been out of the culture of reading newspapers for over a year due to the demands of my final year, I decided to read a couple of the recent ones still left on the table. I came across that column and decided to read it as I’m hardly a fan of politics and also haven’t been up to date with the current happenings. Some facts stated by the writer caught my attention and I thought to share. The bone of contention seems to be his suggestion that having the staff strength of the federal, state and local governments reduced by half would serve as a panacea for more infrastructural development in the country. I’d state some of the mind boggling facts that I’m sure some of us would already be aware of.

According to Simeon Christian Chukwu an ex-editor-in-chief, Psychology Press Organisation, University of Ibadan, why on earth should our federal lawmakers, both in the Senate and House of Representatives, alone be gulping up 25.1 per cent of our annual budgetary allocations? What laws are 469 persons making and what legislative functions are they carrying out to warrant such reckless wages and salaries? Why should a state governor harbour over 50 aides under his payroll while having commissioners for each ministry? Why must an economy like Nigeria’s be spending 70 per cent of her annual budget on recurrent expenditure (paying workers salaries) while having just 30 per cent for infrastructural development and capital projects? What manner of “god” is the office of Nigeria’s Senate President that the occupant should earn six times more than what President Barack Obama of the United States takes home and three times more than what the British Prime Minister earns? In a country where 65 per cent of the citizens wallow below the $1 benchmark.

The above are just a few quotes from the column for brevity sake, I’d however advice you read the column if you can. The fact that those facts are facts is just obscene. How do 469 people take one-fourth of the budgetary allocation for a country with over 150 million people? How would we catch up with China, India, and all the other rapidly developing countries when only 30 per cent of the budget is allocated to development? Do we have the best laws in the world? Is our government flawless? If not then why do we pay that much to maintain them? People can’t get electricity, water, health care, quality and affordable education, security and yet we pay people for a job not done. People have been so frustrated that the brilliant minds, some of which have done well home and abroad, have been reduced to schemers who would put money before priceless human lives. How wouldn’t we end up that way when we wake everyday and have it in our subconscious and/or conscious mind that we are helplessly being robbed of our right? The youth seek politics not to liberate the nation or to leave a legacy behind, but because of its reputation as one of the highest paying vocations in the country. The next generation has already been corrupted it seems. I hope not, but change has to start from somewhere; the truth is a good place to start. If we spend money right, I believe everyone would be able to afford their need which is fair enough. As we wake every day, we should have it in mind that we aren’t our enemies and that we are all victims who are trying to survive. Permit me to quote Proverbs 30:7-9:

7 Two things have I required of thee; deny me them not before I die:

8 Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me:

9 Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain. KJV

In conclusion, I go back to the column and quote its closing: If we subscribe to Sanusi’s conceptual thesis, we could be saving the government some cool cash annually, but we wouldn’t because the “boys” don’t have alternatives at the moment. So, the charade continues!


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Her Bright Future

A little detour if I may:

Last week’s wedding (click here) was the exception; today’s was the rule, drab! I’m not cured after all it seems. It was a lovely reception but there weren’t really people I knew around and a certain network provider went AWOL with its reception throughout the wedding reception leaving me unable to chat or tweet. On the good side, there was some really good eye candy and I also got to see the girl I had a crush on in primary 3. *sigh* Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! She was in primary 5 back then but…

Back to the subject at hand:

I remember several years ago when we’d stay under the moonlight and our parents would tell us stories, the real tales by moonlight, until we’d fall asleep after which they’d carry us inside. I always wondered how they got to sleep in that blistering flat. Present day, we live in a different area where there is almost constant electricity. Only a few people could afford generators back then and they were big and noisy, but hey, they had electricity! All sorts of leaders have come and gone since then and still we have no sufficient, affordable provision of one of the most basic needs of man in this day and age. Several industries have left the country based on the absence of this basic amenity, network providers add its cost to their operation costs resulting in high tariffs and so on. Its absence has generated a wider market for those in the generator business and all other alternative sources of energy. That’s creating employment right? Maybe, but at what cost?

Have you been outside Lagos? The air you breathe is fresh! Yes, I know, you feel everything is okay here especially when there is some wind blowing. In parts of the country where there are few generators the air is pure and it’s a very good healthy experience. The world today is trying to combat global warming and that’s why most new sources of energy being adopted are the renewable sources of energy that are environmentally friendly. In my final semester at the university, there was a course based on renewable sources of energy and it shed some light on the little research done on their possible use in Nigeria. I was amazed to find out that solar, wind and geothermal energy are possible avenues of energy in this country. Coupled with hydro power, biomass energy and even the use of coal which is available in Enugu, I believe electricity shouldn’t be a problem at all for Nigeria.

But then really why wouldn’t it be? Our government runs on a great part of the budget and they have failed woefully at providing the nation with its basic needs. How would the necessary research on energy potential and application in Nigeria be carried out when the education sector suffers with a meagre part of the budget allocated to it? China, India and all the developing countries in the world invested substantially in education before recording success in other fields such as power generation and economic growth. Electricity is a need, not a want. There are two ways to this: we use the current approach which is only accessible to certain people, unhealthy and which stalls progress or we do the right thing and explore the other sources of energy mentioned above which would support the nation, improve the environment and lead to greater economic opportunities. The reality is our maintenance culture must improve greatly as well unless these sources of energy wouldn’t be fully utilised. I know this might not seem important to you, but what do you think of the child who is delivered in a hospital where rechargeable lamps are used? I thought of one of Asa’s songs, Peace, here – response is Yekpa!!! What sort of future does he see?

Looking at the dark past and dreary present, I hope we can make her (Nigeria) future bright, at least for the future generation’s sake.



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We know you would knack tonight!

After being at home a lot over the past 2 months I got to attend my friend’s sister’s wedding. Yay!!! Being an introvert of sort on relapse of recent, it was good to finally go out to a social gathering. Deciding to go with my neighbour who was a mutual friend, he decided we’d go for the reception thereby skipping the church service which was fine by me. I’m a very patient person, as the rule. The exception however is church weddings!!! Oh my! They bore me to death! Even receptions do but with Uno who is a bro from another mother, I was sure I’d stay awake.

All aspects of my elder brother’s wedding took place in one day a few years ago. Last year I was one of the groomsmen for a friend whose wedding was done in a similar manner. Those types of wedding usually takes the whole day and yes I’m happy for them but I get darn bored! The people toasting, the dancing, singing, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera as the king from The King and I would say. I usually find myself walking around, listening to music and basically struggling to pass time. This has often led to mum and I having disagreements as to how my wedding is going to be an exception averse to the regular time consuming galore of activities that obtains in today’s weddings. Yes it might not go down well with HER or HER family, but once SHE is fine with me possibly yawning profusely and/or sleeping off during the church service or reception, they can do whatever they want! Also I’m not going to have the “I’m too tired, I just want to sleep” statement on the first night. That should be reserved, possibly but hopefully never, for the later years of marriage. Hence, weddings should be brief and purposeful in my opinion!

Frankly speaking the title, if you haven’t figured it out by now, comes from the fact that at weddings during these boring periods it does occur to me that these two smiling, giggling, elated people would knack that night! Oh yes! I wonder how they can keep a straight face and smile after giving us a preview (we don’t get to see the movie though) following the preacher saying “you may kiss your bride”. This is the part I always make sure to get a picture of as it seems to be the highlight of the ceremony with people cheering after which there is hardly anything to look forward to. But really how do you sit in front of your friends, family and even her father knowing they all know you would knack that night? I know right? You don’t know how that feels, me neither, as I’m not married. Would I call it karma? Maybe not, but one day it would be my turn and who knows maybe I’d be the only one there conscious of that fact while the guests just focus on taking pictures and filling their bellies.

Interestingly the wedding wasn’t drab as there were people to talk to and it was fun. The lore of single women at weddings wasn’t really present but also wasn’t necessary as I had enough company. Topping it all off was the song “we go celebrate, we go pop champagne”, well there wasn’t champagne but there were hyped-up young ladies who “popped” something and of course young men setting wedding P. Ladies being brought up with their wedding day constantly on their mind, it’s no wonder to see them so happy they having it in mind it would soon be their turn. Well maybe I’m being relieved of my “reaction” to weddings, but next week’s wedding should tell.


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