The 22nd of October, 2012 would be a day I would never forget. I was to start this blog the weekend before but as I hadn’t turned in my final year project as planned, I had to move it a week ahead.  I was to submit my final year project before 9 a.m. but due to logistics I wasn’t to do that till 2 p.m. The person in charge of making the hard copy of my project went AWOL for about 3 hours and I thought that was me having a bad day.

While waiting, I decided to check twitter and I saw something bad had happened to a certain Ogaga. The unfamiliar handles gave me the impression it wasn’t someone I knew. Seeing Biola on my TL (she rarely comes on), I decided to check on her and shortly after she tells me she lost a friend. I tried to console her however I could, having in mind that I didn’t feel as bad as she did since I didn’t know this friend, until Oyin replied our tweet saying “Its Ogaga..”. It then started coming together. After confirming it was indeed Ogaga from Oyin, Biola and Lape, I just couldn’t conceive the idea especially without any details given. Then I realised my delayed project submission wasn’t anything compared to that as my state of denial captured the focus of my thoughts. With Oyin telling me it was Asthma and the hospital not having any oxygen (topic for another day), and Uche telling me Kachi went over to confirm it, I had to accept the reality however hard it was.


I first met Ogaga with Ishioma (my granddaughter, kind of) in 300 level or so but we didn’t really talk till Uppercrust “happened”. A comforting escape from my monotonous classroom, I became a regular there where I did work and play. Ogaga did as well mostly along with Oyin. We’d gist a bit, watch horrible Nigerian movies on the television and make jokes off them, tease each other, read before running off close to the time of tests and of course eat. I remember her and Oyin watching Undercover Brother on my laptop and laughing hard, well until I needed it to read for a test. Also found out her birthday was a day before mine and this was when she started teasing Kenny and I about us being twins not just because she thought we looked alike but also because we shared the same birthday. On the 21st I had just teased Ogaga and Kenny on twitter. That made it hard breaking the news to Kenny when I saw him later in the day on the 22nd. It took a while for Esther and I to convince Kenny of the situation as he thought it was a sick joke. Even Fisayo had to rush down to school as I told him what happened and how I wouldn’t be able to come over any longer. Getting home I had my dinner and was chatting with TJ. After telling her about a friend I lost, she also said she lost a friend today called Ogaga. Then I remembered they went to the same secondary school. A small world it truly is.

Ogaga and I weren’t the closest of friends but I realise that however little, everyone we meet is a part of us. Life is short. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s at times like these we are reminded that these sayings we take for granted have been crafted from consistent events which have occurred along human history. My philosophy of life is that on our death beds we wouldn’t think of the money, qualifications, cars, alcohol brands, gadgets, places or things we did, but rather on the people whose lives we were a positive part of and those who were a part of ours. We all are unique and Ogaga was one of a kind. This wasn’t how I wanted to start this blog, I wanted something that would grab people’s attention and I hoped I’d put it up on twitter and that my friends including Ogaga would read it. Nonetheless, Ogaga deserves never to be forgotten and that’s why it’s important to do this. I pray she is reading this from up there, smiling and sticking out her tongue as she usually does. Do rest in perfect peace Gaga. ❤


I express my sincere condolence to her family and friends. I hope God consoles us all. Amen.